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Muna coming to you live from her office desk this wonderful Monday morning (got in surprisingly early and I’m trying to keep a positive attitude and spirit)!

Hmm my people, I just wanted to share our darling baby MJ’s first formula experience while its still fresh in my mind; Enjoy.

So, one of the few perks of my job is that my maternity leave is 6 months long and consequently I was able to do exclusive breastfeeding of MJ for 4 months. The day after she turned four months old, we  gave her a baby potato cereal meal; the videos below are her reactions to the meal.

First taste

After a few minutes

I was really really super duper happy that MJ liked the meal and I had “made it as an exclusive breastfeeding mum”  (breastfeeding is one of the most natural things in the world but trust me, it is not easy and there are so many possible “fails” involved). Next up, I tried ogi (pap) and and MJ  didn’t hate it. Then I  tried “baby oats” ( I blended quaker oats in the dry mill blender into a fine powder) and MJ ate it really quickly the first time I gave it to her.

Sadly, anything that wasn’t breast milk didn’t hold MJ’s attention for long and “non-breast milk meal” time quickly became battle/singing/begging time.

Now, my good people, I do not have a nanny or a maid and I planned on going back to work so we opted for MJ to be in creche during my office hours. Let’s skip a week ahead to keep this brief; grandma/nanny at the creche said MJ finishes all her milk and then its a serious battle to get her to eat the other foods; so diafor?????   because as you see me, it’s only two breasts I have  and the 300ml  is already me stretching myself to the max.  “Perhaps she can try SMA gold to augment what she brings “.

As I am not the devil and I did not want to stress grandma in creche, I was willing to throw away my  “exclusive breastfeeding  mummy” badge and try out the formula; plus it would mean that I could stop expressing milk and just feed MJ directly when we were together GLORY GLORY GLORY!!!

That is how Daddy MJ purchased the formula, Mummy MJ mixed the formula and Grandma MJ fed MJ the formula (Plis dears, we are all culpable).  

MJ took literally less than 10 milliliters of the milk while showing extreme disdain for the milk so grandma stopped, gave her some water and then mummy MJ breastfed her. Less than 2 minuted into the breastfeeding , MJ PROJECTILE SHOT THE MILK OUT OF HER MOUTH AND NOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See me see wahala o! My baby was spluttering, crying, choking and struggling to breathe through the milk in her nose and airways.  I had to use the nose bulb to suction out the liquid from her nose to ease her breathing but mehn, she was still finding it hard to breathe through it all.

Fiam! Daddy, mummy and grandma rushed MJ to her hospital because it was actually pretty scary and we needed to be really sure she was okay.

The doctor said she was fine and we had done the right thing by suctioning out the liquid. He scheduled MJ for a nebulizing  session to open up her airways fully  and before we left for the house, MJ was back to her happy, smiley self. PHEWWWWW!!!!!

Needless to say, we spent the next day together  attached by the boob and mouth.  That is the story of MJ’s first taste of formula milk; We are now back to pap and oats to augment the breast milk, I believe something will give soon.

Mummies out there, how was your first time of introducing your baby to formula milk? If you never did, how were you able to manage and get by? Any advice with regards to baby feeding in general? Please share this post with your friends so we can all learn.

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